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What’s Jubilee?

A superhero? A Commemoration? A Garden? NO! This is Lucile Morreale!



graphism     graphics
    > logo > layout > vector illustration > design    

motion motion design
> stopmotion > 2D vector animation    


> shooting > editing > scenario > storyboarding    


social media
> management > content creation      


sound sound design
> recording > editing > programming soundtrack    


sewing handmade
> drawing > sewing > collage > painting

Born and raised in the east of France by an Italian family, she has always been interested in crafts, art, and culture. 

After a few years of graphic design and audiovisual studies, great working experiences in a wide variety of organizations, as well as independently, not to mention making so many birthday cards, she is launching herself into the World.

Her Secret? Having fun while working and bonding with clients. Her goal is to make people happy and satisfied about her work.

 “I’m a very driven and curious individual that’s always looking for a new opportunity to challenge myself. This drive has pushed me to travel all over the world and experiencing other cultures and customs has given me a unique eye and perspective for design.” Lucile

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